About Rent The Ant

In today's digital world, generating ideas and transforming them into a functioning business has never been easier.

No matter what form your business products and services take, progressing from the idea stage to product level achievable to everyone more manageable than ever.

However, for today's business, those products only represent the foundation. And they are not everything required to succeed in this competitive environment.

About Rent The Ant - Digital Service Company. Help you manage the expectations

Beyond Product

Every business requires a digital presence, even when the company products and services can be delivered offline to its customers. The availability of advanced technology and easy access to them, creating a digital presence accessible to everyone.

This digital identity and creating engagement around them are crucial, and what it takes to make the vision become a reality.

Unfortunately, this is the part of the equation today's young entrepreneur struggling the most. And, for that only the system to blame, when you look at the digital strategy advocated today - they are all application-first approach.

To support that version of the process, you can see readily available tools and accessible guidance on almost any discipline - tools like no-code application builder, visual development tools, build with low-code, etc.

Without proper regard for customer needs and expectations, this approach is prioritizing perfecting the business digital apps.

The level of effort abstraction available in these technology tools is tempting to build full-featured digital products. And, in some cases, it's creating an addiction among entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, to win in this distracted world today and spend the resource and effort only where it's necessary - we need a different approach.

In such an approach, any effort required outside of product development will get the priority. And the focus is on creating an audience and building followers for business and brand. When the digital presence gets the priority, your brand will put on the spotlight to attract the audience. It's all about winning the loyalty and build the trust and receive feedback.

Managing Own Expectations

In our journey, we have learned that lessons in a hard way. And we want to share our experiences to help others.

In the early days of any venture, founders need to focus on the myriad of things. To establish the foundation necessary, these efforts and investing capital includes creating a brand, building products and services, marketing strategy and outreach, build the relevant partnership, etc.

Managing these expectations and process the actual outcome in each aspect of this foundational effort is critical. And the winning is the difference between anticipating and overcoming the resistance and abandon ship on the onset of serious of inevitable setbacks.

We have learned that with the right approach and focus on priority, anyone can gain the clarity of what is at stake and take the next steps to achieve the stated goals.

So, our motivation behind starting "Rent The Ant" - digital service company is to save fellow entrepreneurs from emotional and physical struggles.

To this end, we have carefully curated our list of services that make a real difference in young and mature business needs digital support.

Why Marketing First Approach Is Necessary?

We have learned that success not directly correlated to the creation of compelling products and services; instead, how we are marketing them to the target audience.

That's why we are here in Rent The Ant promoting "Marketing First" approach to new business ventures and startups. When we say "Marketing," it's not limited to or entirely not about the paid advertisement.

Instead, anything we may be able to do in the digital space to promote your idea. And validate idea merit and understand the traction. Learn and understand potential customer expectations. Investing in perfecting products and services only after fully understand the market potential.

Here Is The List Of Services

Our services are tailored to provide customized outcomes needed to succeed in this crowded digital world.

Build the platforms, get the message across about your brand and product, receive and understand audience feedback, measure the experience against their expectations for course correction, etc.

We can help any business with achieving digital goals and set them up for success.

  1. Design and develop the brand landing page
  2. Develop the content management system (CMS) and integrate them into the sales funnel
  3. Design and develop digital assets for business using Open source and No-Code technology
  4. Managed services of application servers in the Cloud (AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure)
  5. Integrate multi-channel marketing into the sales funnel
  6. Managed Pay-per-click advertising
  7. Social-media marketing campaign
  8. SEO Optimization and content creation
  9. Search engine marketing and Managed account services
  10. Turn key digital presence services.