2020 Election Year in The United States Of America, Key Events and Dates To Remember

Elections Feb 18, 2020

Excerpt —

Almost two-third of fifty states are deciding their choice of a nominee in March and April, things will happen like a streak of lightning. Keep yourself familiar with dates and events of 2020 USA Election.

Perfect Democratic Storm —

Unlike the last election cycle in 2016, Democratic primary in 2020 is presenting a lot of challenges, confusion, and chaos for party electorates.

For many, candidate selection no longer conceived as the purity battle of ideology, given the final contest at stake here on November 3rd, the electability assume the greater importance and weighing heavily on people's minds.

And the contest is nowhere close to making this process manageable for upcoming states primary electorates, and not much clarity on how this will end. The main reason is the field is more extensive than ever, and for each ideology camp at least two or more candidates seeking to carry their mantle and winning the White House.

The fact that more than half of the electorate will be the female population in 2020, the urge to nominate a female candidate is not making this easy decision for at least a segment of primary voters.

Amid this conflicting priority and the battle of ideas to form the winning coalition on the Democratic side, the eventual winner has to go through hell and come back before he or she sees themselves as the last one standing.

As things stand right now, the country has to wait for Super Tuesday on March 3rd, to get some direction on which way the wind is going to blow and probably narrow the field of candidates. And even better, highlight someone or two as the possible presumed nominee, to make this process a little easier for the rest of the states into the summer.

Until that time, the country has to live with polling and punditries from the mainstream media.

What's on the other side —

In 2016, on the Republican side saw an inflated field of candidates vied for the nomination, and the contrast Mr. Donald J Trump had presented with the different alternatives to the establishment candidates. Helped him to eke out winning the GOP nomination with the help of divided mandate among establishment candidates, and winner takes all primary rules.

Mr.Trump projected image as a disruptive candidate from the outset, and living up to that expectations for good or bad until now. So, it's not that hard to imagine, for some who couldn't wait for the November to roll around to cast their ballot.

As an incumbent, with the party apparatus and the core GOP voters behind him and without a formidable opponent to challenge him, Mr.Trump will surely be the nominee in 2020.

However, this recent New Hampshire primary opened an eye to this foregone conclusion primary and provided different meaning to political watchers. More than 12k general election electorates votes against Mr.Trump nominations, which often overlooked among the chaos coming out of the democratic side.

After all, there is a bunch of people asking for an alternate for Mr.Trump on the GOP side. And, it's not at all surprising, given the lofty style of approach to his presidency, that section of Republican electorate yearning for an alternate to Mr.Trump.

Note —

With his successful effort in transforming GOP from elite and establishment GOP to Mr.Trump GOP, he has managed to cancel primary for seven states and taken all delegates to his eventual 2020 Republican nomination.

So, people will be watching signals coming out of GOP primary than ensuing chaos on the other side. As things stand right now, he is seemingly poised for second term, from unemployment, wage growth, and economy to overall sentiment, and most importantly, approval rating on Mr.Trump handling of the economy. The inevitable question will be over tolerance whether to put up with antics of four more years while getting the access to perceived good stuff from the 45th president.

Increasingly, it looks like this election is Mr.Trump to lose - unless Democrats will elect someone "Hard To Say No." And with the way things are unfolding, maybe safe to assume that it's not the proposition Mr.Trump has to worry about right now.

2020 Election Year in The United States Of America, Key Events and Dates To Remember - renttheant.com

List of key events and dates —

For the American electorate, Nov3rd is the decision day to decide whether to give another chance to the incumbent or pass the mantle to an eventual nominee from the Democratic party.

With the previous statement, I had assumed that only two candidates in the race with electability and chance to become 46th President of the United States. Maybe I am right to assume that there is no danger of third-party candidates magically emerge out of nowhere and catch the collective imagination of this nation and elect him/her to lead this powerful nation on earth.

So, options in front of 330 million people are bright and minimal; I mean the binary choice of who do they think Zero or Number one.

And, whichever the way you choose to vote, your single vote may count towards that 270 electoral votes needed for a win. And your choice of a nominee with the White House stays for the next four years.

You have the power to decide the last men or women standing.

"So, Get Out And Vote."

State wise dates and events to remember —

Date State Dems GOP
February 3 Iowa Caucus Caucus
February 11 New Hampshire Primary Primary
February 22 Nevada Caucus
February 29 South Carolina Primary
March 3 Alabama Primary Primary
March 3 American Samoa Caucus Caucus
March 3 Arkansas Primary Primary
March 3 California Primary Primary
March 3 Colorado Primary \Primary
March 3 Maine Primary Primary
March 3 Massachusetts Primary Primary
March 3 Minnesota Primary Primary
March 3 North Carolina Primary Primary
March 3 Oklahoma Primary Primary
March 3 Tennessee Primary Primary
March 3 Texas Primary Primary
March 3 Utah Primary Primary
March 3 Vermont Primary Primary
March 3 Virginia Primary
March 10 Idaho Primary Primary
March 10 Michigan Primary Primary
March 10 Mississippi Primary Primary
March 10 Missouri Primary Primary
March 10 North Dakota Primary Primary
March 10 Washington Primary Primary
March 12 Virgin Islands Caucus
March 14 Guam Caucus
March 14 Northern Mariana Caucus
March 14 Wyoming Convention
March 17 Arizona Primary
March 17 Florida Primary Primary
March 17 Illinois Primary Primary
March 17 Northern Mariana Caucus
March 17 Ohio Primary Primary
March 24 American Samoa Caucus
March 24 Georgia Primary Primary
March 27 North Dakota Convention
March 29 Puerto Rico Primary
April 4 Alaska Primary
April 4 Hawaii Primary
April 4 Louisiana Primary Primary
April 4 Wyoming Caucus
April 5 Wisconsin Primary Primary
April 28 Connecticut Primary Primary
April 28 Delaware Primary Primary
April 28 Maryland Primary Primary
April 28 New York Primary Primary
April 28 Pennsylvania Primary Primary
April 28 Rhode Island Primary Primary
May 2 Guam Caucus
May 2 Kansas Primary
May 5 Indiana Primary Primary
May 12 Nebraska Primary Primary
May 12 West Virginia Primary Primary
May 19 Kentucky Primary Primary
May 19 Oregon Primary Primary
June 2 District of Columbia Primary Primary
June 2 Montana Primary Primary
June 2 New Jersey Primary Primary
June 2 New Mexico Primary Primary
June 2 South Dakota Primary Primary
June 6 Virgin Islands Caucus
June 7 Puerto Rico Primary
Date Key Events
July 13 - 16 Democratic Convention (Milwaukee, WI)
August 24 - 27 Republican Convention (Charlotte, NC)
September 29 First Presidential Debate (South Bend, IN)
October 7 Vice Presidential Debate (Salt Lake City, UT)
October 15 Second Presidential Debate (Ann Arbor, MI)
October 22 Third Presidential Debate (Nashville, TN)
November 3 2020 Presidential Election

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