Advanced NoCode Alternatives Available In The Market Today

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With NoCode, it pays to invest time in advance to figure out product fit. Right product selection saves you from frustration and hours of valuable time and effort.


Generally speaking, the definition of advanced is highly subjective and applicable to both products and users. But, in the case of NoCode users, advancement is relative and limited to individual projects and the need to solve the real problems.

On the other hand, each NoCode product available in the market scoped to achieve a different objective, which includes a long list of business functions like website creation, marketing, email, productivity, and automation, etc.

For each category, multiple options are available, and it's incumbent upon the individual to analyze each product feature and price point for suitability and project needs.

It pays to invest time in advance before making a product selection decision. Because it's a long haul commitment, and doing the course correction means the costly effort of redoing.

To make your search a little comfortable, here are the collection of tools curated under different categories.

Advanced NoCode Alternatives Available In The Market Today -

Website and Blog creation


Build your own websites. Dynamic content made easy. Online commerce at your finger tips.

Empower your marketing team with control to manage customer-facing websites.

Create dynamic content with ease and bring them to the front-end UI much faster than involving developers through coding.

Creating a content management system and online stores are possible with Webflow in-built features.


Create website from your iOS smartphone. Easy to manage your online presence. Update content on the go.

The universe is a mobile-only website builder and works only with the iOS ecosystem. And it is further limited to handheld devices like Tablet and Smartphone.

It's easy to see from their product positioning that their target market is millennials, who have the requirement to create formalized online presence for a variety of reasons.

This method of NoCode is ideal for an individual with the ability to sell their brand online, like influencer with the need to update the contents with the convenience and familiar user interface available to them - the smartphone.

Consider this tool only if you are requirement fall squarely within this boundary.

Download App Here


Online Website builder and more. One of the oldest service provider in the segment.

One of the oldest platform and doing the catchup with Webflow in so many ways. It seems while they rest on the laurels, silently Webflow has introduced a much better website builder. And solutions that address beyond the mere online presence coherently.

Wix core product is limited to website creation and solutions to address edge-case requirements around the website. Unlike Wix, Webflow has broadened its solution to reach with the dynamic content management system and eCommerce.

And most importantly, Wix is not having an army of community to further their cause and making this platform adoption easier for customers.


Build your website tool with nocode. Include Generated to kick start. Email list and Analytics included.

Landen is another build your website service provider. It has taken a slightly different approach to onboarding it's user into the process of website creation.

It has the generator component, and any project starts with answering a series of question which cover the scope and objective behind the website presence. Based on your answer, then this tool will offer ideal preset selected auto assembled for your further customization.

Landen has built-in email list tools and analytics to collect anonymous visitor information. Both of them are plus and somewhat differentiating their services from the rest.

And, they also have a blog feature for additional measure.

Cost-wise, they seem to be asking the higher end of price range charged for this type of service in the market.

So, you have to weigh all those factors before deciding the platform of your choice.


Open-source and modern CMS system. Focused on publisher workflow with monetization feature in-built.

Ghost is the most powerful and well-rounded open-source blogging software available in the market. Most of the top technology companies are running their content management using Ghost.

It is using the modern technology stack and already features available in 2020 enough to content publishers to offer their services either free or through the subscription models.

Ghost is promoting subscription-based monetization for creators to make money for their work. Ghost Pro is available as a cloud-hosted solution for a monthly price.

It is a non-profit. All of the proceeds generated out of Ghost Pro become the resource to develop this platform further and run the meaningful permanent team to do just that.


In a way, first modern NoCode application. Open-source CMS system. Easy to host and configure to start a blog.

No introduction is required for WordPress, a pioneer in NoCode movement in the consumer internet side of the equation. Being an open-source and underlying technology is not robust enough to keep up with modern front end web frameworks.

In the meantime, WordPress is quickly fell out of favor among the younger generation. They are most probably start their technology education with Nodejs and modern front-end frameworks like React than choosing to learn PHP and templating system part of any WordPress sites.

Even Though WordPress is considered legacy by many, still there are plenty of companies using them and swath of companies providing support by developing plugin's and hosting services.

So, they are down, but not entirely out of the picture. We have to mention this legacy provider for the shack of covering all the bases.

Landing Page and Lead generation


Simple, minimalistic landing page creator. Hosting custom domain cost $9 per year.

Carrd is a simple landing page developer right from the browser. It's more like preparing your marketing material than designing a website.

Compared to other full-scale website creation tools, Carrd is minimalistic, and scopes are limited to individual profile and portfolio websites. And you can have a simple form to collect visitor information and landing page to funnel your visitor for further conversation with you in other channels.

From cost-wise, Carrd is very cheap as it should be. To subscribe to the premium features will only cost nine dollars per year. Yes, you have heard it right, per year.

Email Marketing Automation


Email automation. HTML editor. Promo Popups. Surveys and Quiz. Email list with 1000 subscriper in free account

MailerLite is email marketing automation and then some. When your business or personal brand depends heavily on email communication, to stay connected with the audience and drive engagement, Then having tools like MailerLite is a must differentiate yourself from the rest.

And they have sets of other tools available to make your front-end website dynamic as well. From creating landing pages and customized forms for lead generation to promotion pop-ups and surveys to highlight few.

MailerLite is making generous free tier available up to 1000 subscribers. And some of the critical features are limited to paying customers. But, free subscription is enough to test their services first and later on-board when you see the value in having a premium account.


Email automation. HTML editor. Forms and more. Audience segment and filter to manage email campaign.

ConvertKit is another email automation solution with a comparable feature to MailerLite. But the significant difference is price point - $29 per month versus $10 per month starting package.

Besides, it's not having ancillary features like promo-popup and survey and quiz, etc.

This platform is coming out of the Indie community and accessible among independent creators in the USA.


Email campaign using Gmail. Using email list in Google sheet and chrome extension.

Yet Another Mail Merge is an ad-hoc self-managed email automation tool. With this chrome add-on, you can manage the email campaign on your own with tracking statistics included using Gmail.

Maybe this is the fallback option to keep it on the side. When a situation comes, you can press this tool into service for quick campaign communications.

One caveat, though, you have to have the email list in an offline document somewhere. This workflow will start from the Google sheet with a list of emails as input.


Email automation. HTML editor. Audience segment and filter to manage email campaign. Integration with CRM and others.

Yet another email marketing automation tool, and it's pricey with a starting plan for $24. By looking at the integration features available, they are targetting different types of customer segments than individuals with few hundred or thousand email list to manage.

If you are one of them fit into this profile, then it's worth the effort. Otherwise, you are better off with other alternate documented here in this post.



Modern database on the browser. Organize and process internal task with ease. Automate workflow.

Airtable has turned the data storage of the consumer on its head. With the introduction of half an excel and half database tool, people are using this tool in ever more creative ways.

In a way, they are the trendsetter for this type of product and introduce a new stream of categories for business and individual consumers alike.

Today, more businesses are using tools like to Airtable to automate their internal operations and introducing productivity-increasing business practices.

Airtable is offering free tier with a considerable amount of storage space to satisfy individual and small business needs. If they require more, then a paid plan starting at $10 per month.


Normalize data from structured and unstructured sources.Build view and present single source of truth. Create app and automate workflow.

Similar to Airtable, but has an expanded scope of data orchestration from multiple other sources from structured and non-structured data.

So, if you have a fragmented data creation process that exists in your business and want to set up one unified internal workflow to gain the single source of truth, then Coda is an ideal tool to consider.

Price - $10 per month per Coda Document Maker.

Awesome Table

New ways to use Google sheet. View the data in different format and gain insight.

Awesome Table is a web application that is an extension to or add-on to Google Sheet. And it allows you to present your data in a variety of ways to your audience through any internet application interface.

Awesome Table lets you display the content of a Google Sheet into various types of views: From a simple table to people directories, Gantt chart views, Google Maps, card view, etc. There are many possibilities to suit your personal and professional needs. With it, data in Sheets are shown more practically and can be shared with anybody.


Create your own smart sheet. Bring data and insight from various sources. Work with data at ease.

dashdash is yet another spreadsheet-based internal automation tool. And it has expanded beyond the scope of data normalization and curation to data discovery for finding leads in the internet, places, and further enriching that data with the third-party service providers, etc.

This tool must be for actual sales and cold marketing professionals. However, there is enough feature set available to use for personal use cases.

Check this one out. dashdash is requesting early access for the enthusiast as of March 2020.

Workflow and API Integration


The middleware for consumer apps. Enhance feature with API integration. Automate workflows with nocode.


Zapier is first to market with an API integration tool targeting consumer-based web applications. Using this tool, you can pretty much communicate with any API enabled web application on the internet.

It will allow us to automate internal workflows and expend our product capability beyond with other services through simple configuration and without writing any code.

When it comes to affordability, introducing such a solution is costly. Because it's charging you per transaction basis and counting each middleware process and API integration executed for you. In that case, you may not liberally use this tool for every integration needs.

They are offering 100 translations or task per month as free. And the next paid plan is starting from $19 that comes with a mere 500 transaction, which is nothing.

Price - Free - $19



Glue of the internet. Automate manual work. 1000 free transaction per month.

Standard Library

Visual code development for integration. Api authentication. IDE. API Reference document bundled into one product. 250k request per month.

Standard Library

Standard Library has taken different approaches to API integration with Autocode. You can generate the code using visual workflow setup and modify it to introduce custom logic on your own. Which is much more flexibility and accomplish more than out of the box feature sets offered in any task execution or translation.

Additionally, they are offering authentication services through SMS for two-factor validation. And price wise their free tier itself generous and provide quarter-million task to execute.

Paid plan starts at - $15 per month.

Content Workflow


Powerful Note editor. Feature to manage complex structured data. Collaboration. Wiki and more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Sales CRM software. Focused on managing funnel from Lead to Sales and everything in-between effectively.



NoCode chatbot builder. Build conversational chatbot for website and Whatapp

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