Alternate Digital Advertising Platform Available For Marketers — Other Than Google and Facebook

Advertising Reads Mar 26, 2020


Sometimes being a contrarian is what gets you the result. In that case, looking beyond the powerhouse of digital advertising make sense for your marketing dollars. Here is the low down of alternate available in the market.


Though, it's not wise to ignore those two juggernauts in the digital advertising industry; there is a world of opportunity and options that exist beyond Google and Facebook-owned list of platforms.

In recent studies, found that more than 47 percent of digital advertising flow through those two market leaders. Then focusing only on these two platforms means miss out from the remaining 53 percent of your audience.

More than looking at this from the breakup of market share and flow of marketing spends, looking at this from the customer perspective and economic standpoint, then you may find it's worth to give those other platforms a look only prudent and may pay dividends to your digital initiatives.

Maybe because of the target demography segment, your next potential leads and customers are only available in other than google and Facebook, which provide customized experiences to those demographics. So, your digital advertising planning has to include an aspect of platform matching with your target audience and wisely allocate the spend accordingly.

Alternate Digital Advertising Platform Available For Marketers — Other Than Google and Facebook -

Here are some of those alternatives that we liked for some specific reasons outlined.


As the world of social media stands right now, most of the product discovery and push to the purchase decision, though it may not be the final decision, is happening more and more on Instagram. Though Instagram is from "From Facebook." Between those two, they are, in comparison, a world apart in use cases, usage patterns, and demography adoption.

Snap & TikTak

If your target market is weighed heavily on the millennials, then Snap and TikTak is the perfect platform to connect with them. And these ad platforms are just getting started means more bang for your bucks. Marketers see more yield for their spending as compared to the market leader's Facebook and Google, higher conversion rate, click-through, and more engagement.

And, one should expect this not lost for long, because of self-fulfilling prophecy.


Take any field of industry and subject, and this is where both leaders and audience looking for thought leaders advice and wisdom congregate. And if you are targeting the audience and influencer in the industry for B2B sales and lead generations, Twitter is the ideal platform. The second best use case for this platform, viral communication to spread the news among 300 million active users for your product and brand awareness.


Another platform tuned perfectly for discovery and aiding purchase for your physical products. The native flow of your creative asset blunt perfectly with user-generated content, and also provide competitive yield for your marketing spend.


This platform presents a unique opportunity for marketers who want to promote their brand awareness and trigger behavior focused on specific business outcomes.

Since, most of the audience come to this platform, when they are curious about something and probably in a mood to explore things. An ideal platform to initiate the conversation on any subjects which may or may not relevant to your business and bottom line.


A professional networking platform with millions of users with persona resembles blue-collar workers from across the industry. This platform will be useful for brand positioning and awareness campaign. Additionally, placing an advertisement for the workforce needed has other perks, You can message your pitch in a way that communicates your brand achievement and growth behind this recruitment drive.

The dual intent campaign will help spread the brand and finding prospective future employees. And, there are other job listing platforms which you can consider like Indeed, vertical networking platforms - Stack Exchange, etc.


One of the oldest digital advertising platforms available in the marketplace and has a variety of platforms that you can consider to run your ad campaign, from Search engine and news portal to email client.

With an inbuilt device advantage over aggressively pushing the Bing search engine, you can assume that older demographics tend to use Microsoft's search engine for their search. And the fact that Microsoft is not the market leader in search, advertising gets less expensive, and one may find a better return than google.

Besides, it's good to have a mix of spending plan to cover not just platform reach, but also the particular audience available on the platform. Microsoft has that advantage as a provider of an operating system that controls millions of devices.


In recent years, other than being the one-stop-shop for millions of items, Amazon has opened up its platform for companies to advertise. And with the audience with immediate purchase intent, it already is and increasingly will become hunting ground for marketers, to promote the sales and see the better incremental value growth with advertising spend.

Either you can align with the audience perceived emotions in the platform and promote the sales of products and services, or you can adopt the contrarian approach and promote brand and awareness.

Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent

These are notable content recommendations and native advertising platforms available in the market. Since these platforms having high-quality publishers as their inventory means, you can find your target audience from sites like Forbes, and CNBC, etc.

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