Cloud Hosting and End to End Maintenance Services — For Cost Plus Service Price Model

Digital Services Jan 30, 2020

Website Creation, Cloud Hosting, and End to End Maintenance Services, For Cost Plus One Low Monthly Service Price Model — From Rent The Ant


Are you vendor-locked with monthly subscriptions and costing more money than should have been?

Then, we have an answer for you — a transparent Pricing Model with unmatched digital services.



you have an answer to one of the following as.


  1. Are you spending more than $8 to run your business or personal website?
  2. Are you on board with a monthly subscription plan from services like Square Space, Wix, and Webflow, etc.?
  3. Are you running your blog using expensive hosting, which costs you more than $10?
  4. Are you not satisfied with the current" NoCode" services using right now?
  5. Are you tired of the "Do It Yourself" solutions and costing you time and money?


You have an opportunity to eliminate those problems and cut cost by more than half, whether dealing with high cost, high maintenance, labor-intensive overhead, etc.

From Rent The Ant, we are offering "Cost plus One low fee" services.

You only pay for your need and ask.

Website Creation, Hosting, and Maintenance End to End Services, For Cost Plus One Low Monthly Price - From
What to expect from Rent The Ant

Unmatched Pricing Model

Our motto is, "Transparency Is Our Best Policy." That's why the pricing model is like no other.

You pay,

  • Only for your needs.
  • Only for how much you ask from us.

We want to do away with the "All You Can Eat" model. In which people with a high appetite pay less and expect others, with fewer needs, to make up for the financial gap to provide meaningful services.

Free Migration

Whether you are hosting websites or blogs in any other platform, worry not, our experienced team will take care of the migration into Digital Ocean cloud computing.

As part of this migration, also do the proper backup of any assets stored in your existing host server.

Free Recreation of Websites

Vendor-locked digital services are one of the painful setups to migrate and move away to your preferred service providers. It will cost not only money but also valuable time and effort.

We get that. That's why we are offering free services to recreate those websites using our experienced designer and developer at no cost to you.

Our transition service and support tailored to make this decision easy and burden less on your wallet and give you complete peace of mind.

Free Content Review

Like vehicle yearly inspection multi-point check, we are offering a health check on your digital identity — from brand identity, tag lines, positioning, and landing page to call-to-action effectiveness, etc.

Your existing website reviewed by an experienced designer and copywriter consultant to optimize your brand.

Free Profile Page

Your business details are in" Rent The Ant" portfolio with an external link to boost your search engine ranking.

This is our way of saying thank you for your trust in our services.

Free Website Modification

All businesses will continuously go through changes and face challenges. And how do you mount the response requires a constant update to your digital identity.

To tell you that we understand your business and needs, we are offering a website page modification request per year at no additional cost.

Unmatched Customer Experience

You can connect us anytime. We are providing unbeatable service ticket SLA's. When we are starting this journey, seeking a long term relationship, that motto helps us put our customers in the center of everything we do here in RTA.

All of these, for one low monthly administrative fee. And you only pay for the actual resource used from DigitalOcean.

One of the leading cloud computing service providers in the world, learn more about Digital Ocean here.

DigitalOcean – The developer cloud
Helping millions of developers easily build, test, manage, and scale applications of any size – faster than ever before.
Still Not Convinced

If your current needs more than static web pages and simple content management hosting, then fear not; we have worked with clients with custom applications and service needs.

We will work with you to find a better solution and make it cost-effective compared to your current commitment.

We can solve any digital challenges for you.

If needed, help you find the best open-source alternative with the fraction of initial and ongoing maintenance costs. You can check out our other services to help your digital needs.

Other Services Included

The platform used - Digital Ocean


Add on, and optionally provide by Digital Ocean, You only pay for the cost.


Yes, we will encrypt it with OpenSSL, Service included.


If you don't have one, we will help you set it up for your brand.

Inner Voice

I am "Rent The Ant" Inner Voice. The collective voice of our team both in-house and partners.