Digital Advertising Services from Pay-Per-Click, Google Shopping to Facebook Ads

Digital Services Feb 26, 2020

Digital Advertising Services From Planning to Execution — Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, and other platform-dependent Ad-Networks

Excerpt —

Are you overwhelmed with managing digital ads campaigns in Google and Facebook or using the host of other platforms?

Then, we have an answer for you — services stitched together to your digital promotions on any platform.

Introduction —


You have an answer to any of the following as


Are you struggling with getting a" return on ad spends" from Google or Facebook?

Are you not getting the" conversion rate" required to meet your business needs?

Are you in need of help setting up" google shopping ads" to boost your sales and growth?

Are you in need of help setting up the" search engine advertising"?

Finally, Are you not satisfied with your" current agency" and what you are getting for your bucks?


You are in the right place; we help you make that hard-earned ad dollar works well for you.

Our experienced marketers work with you to understand your business and data sources and the maturity level available.

Then, our team go back to work to tailor the right approach and spending strategy to meet your short-term and long-term business needs and work for your business.

We will setup your account in all the required platforms, and all hands-on deck support to provide you the results your business needs.

Digital Ad Campaigns Services From Planning to Execution — Google and Facebook Ads or Any other platform-dependent Ad-Network -

What to expect from" Rent The Ant."

Transparency —

Without the element of transparency, no agency can run another business's digital ad budgets. That's why we have put trust in the center of everything we do here in Rent The Ant.

Account manager —

Once your account setup and onboard successfully into the RTA system. Your account managed by a dedicated point of contact to answer all of your questions. And collect inputs and feedback to optimize your campaigns.

We understand that stay connected to the leave required is key to planning and optimizing digital campaigns. That's why we will make sure to have a feedback mechanism that exists and works all the time.

Monthly review —

We believe in data analysis and understanding what works and what doesn't with a previous campaign to continues the success of future ones.

Do an internal review of data and understand the patterns to make sense of what happened is the way we want our internal marketing team to works.

And, we are providing the same to you. In a way, we want to be your extension team.

One low fixed price —

Our pricing model is transparent and manageable for small budget business to medium one with tens of thousands of dollars budget.

We charge one fixed rate of 7.5% of the budget we are managing for you.

Still not convinced —

We are not experimenting on your dime.

Our inside strategy development team is continually researching to formulate several working strategies and have it ready to deploy.

Document each idea, which tested a combination of different sets of a variant — from industry and product to customer persona and geography, and expected business outcomes and ideal business challenges to solve.

Identify tricks a d workaround available in each platform, and make it work for our client advantage.

Other services included —

Monthly report

We will do the hard work of data collected with your campaigns executed and develop reports in an understandable format for your consumption.

Experiment with a new platform

More than half of the audience spending their time other than platforms provided by Google's and Facebook's of the world.

So, what we do as part of our research effort, we partner with our clients to test new platforms using our investments.

Inner Voice

I am "Rent The Ant" Inner Voice. The collective voice of our team both in-house and partners.