Effective SEO Techniques To Break the Back of Search Engine Optimization

Technology Reads Mar 06, 2020

Effective SEO Techniques To Break the Back of Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO) is content first initiative. Here is the different take on SEO and some of the techniques to boost immediate improvements.

Foundation - Understanding Google Search Engine Mechanics. And retrace the steps back to website and content page optimization for success.


By nature, any optimization works should be relatively easy things to plan and execute. It's because optimization is about improving the already existing and known stuff while trying to meet and exceed the target standard.

But, in the world of SEO, this field is merging the two different worlds, both technical and content, into one overall giant optimization. And, in the process, making it one of the challenging optimization operations to carry out.

Besides, the demands of constant improvements in pursuit of perfection, and rules of the game are in the state of flux is further complicating things. Thus, making it time-consuming and never-ending endeavors for a modern business to succeed online.

Why we need continuous improvement with SEO?

In SEO, most of the time, whatever works and makes you successful won't work in the future, or maybe right now. And there is always the danger of; You could be sitting comfortably in blissful ignorance while your online reputation is taking a hit.

To avoid that, You need constant vigilance and continuous optimization; because the competition is fierce, the expectations are changing, and advancement in technology ratcheting up the asking standard.

You either fall in line, if not, be ready to face the possibility of disappearing into the obscurity with lower page ranking.

Even worse, since the rules are constantly changing, what once considered acceptable might suddenly become an issue. And any unattended mistakes will get punished by the search engine. And such situations not only affect your ranking but also inevitably lead to credibility issues among the audience.

Keep your ear to the ground to pick up changes in trend, and any modifications in the rules governing the search engine algorithm. Early bird adapting and complying with changes gets to enjoy the top spot until it lost or others eventually catch up.

Often such changes tend to take place in silence without any alert; it’s in the individual interest to know them in advance and take action necessary to put the business in the position of competitive advantage against the others.

Why we need an inside and out strategy to conquer SEO battle?

Search engine optimization always has two front. While it's given that scoring big one on "In-house optimization," from technical to content strategy, is a must. It's natural that, after made an all-out effort and finally achieving some relative success in the optimization game, it's easy to lower your guard.

But without keeping your eyes open for what's coming from competitors, your competitive position in the search result page is no longer guaranteed.

While you may rest on the laurels, competitors are not going to sit on their hands. They are watching your every move and uptick in the ranking and doing all they can to catch up with their countermeasure. So, winning the ranking once does means status is perennial and expect to stay the same happily ever after.  And it's important to remember that its the case of "You snooze, You lose" in the current SEO market.

So, to counter any potential threat from outside, what you need here is an "Outward-looking Strategy."

A practical plan, with the established process and tools to support this effort, which should methodically keeps a lookout for any approaching threat.  And help your business maintain and better the current status in the search engine ranking and domain authority.

Ok, enough of the scene setter. The following section of this post highlight some of the critical techniques that must be employed by any organization with the need to shore up the digital identity for business success.

Effective SEO Techniques To Break the Back of Search Engine Optimization
Effective SEO Techniques To Break the Back of Search Engine Optimization - renttheant.com

Effective SEO Techniques

Technical optimization

Though, "The Content First" is the winning theme in the SEO world. Technical optimization is the vehicle through which you can achieve your desired page ranking status and authority in any given field. Without them, even if your content is top-notch, Google will not bestow them with respect a website deserves.

So, make an effort to establish this technical foundation necessary. Then, what are we looking at here?

Here are some of the bare-minimum technical standards; Any website must possess to have any chance of winning this SEO battle.

Schema markups

As I mentioned in the introduction, the search engine has an automated mechanism to communicate with your sites. Hence, your website's content structure has to adhere to the universally accepted standard described in schema.org.

Home - schema.org
Schema.org is a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines and other applications.
renttheant.com - Digital Service Company Providing Simple Services

Schema.org - is the collaboration between industry-leading then search engine companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. It has well-defined rules for how to markup various HTML tags from the Header section to the main content in the Body tag, everything in-between.

Adhering to this standard means, provide the standardization in parsing the web content on the internet, thus helping search engines to crawl pages for analyzing and ranking them quickly.

Canonical URL

In the real world, with multiple platforms and reaching out to the audience through various distribution channels means the same content page accessed by more than one URL. Which is going to be problematic for search engine and any duplicate content will be poorly perceived and impact sites authority and page ranking.

But, here, your business has legitimate needs to access your post via different resource locator. Here is where the "Canonical URL" come in for your rescue.

Canonical URL referred to an HTML Link element placed inside the header section of the given web page. And it's helping the search engine to identify a single source of truth for any given content page. Though the site has multiple marked URLs referencing a single content page for distribution, the search engine will consider them as a single page through the Canonical URL.

Structured data

Structured data is an extension of the schema structure. Still, I want to give particular emphasis on how the structure of the content inside the post is matter. And it helps in many ways to promote ranking and variety of usage of post content by search engines.

From feature snippet, voice search, and automatic suggestions powered by user content indexed and ranked by search engines.

So, always make a point of formatting your post with paragraphs, optimum sentence length, primary and subheaders, and list and table formated data wherever necessary and possible.

Create smart content

In the online world, people with experience despise the notion that "You develop an app, people will come." The reason is: in reality, it will not work that way. You have to make an effort to educate and promote your app. And try hard to convince the audience why they should start using it.

But in the content world, to an extent, precisely the opposite is true.

You write the quality content with a purpose, and people will surely come. Here the operating word is "Purpose." Search engines like Google will identify such quality and promote them on your behalf. All is needed is to determine what your audience wants and start producing content with the expected standard.

Because when an author is setting the target on creating "Content with Purpose." Then, more often than not, content is always handmade work from an author with the domain expertise. And someone with the ability to demonstrate subject matter expertise.

Such authors identified inside ranking algorithms as "Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness" (E-A-T). And E-A-T is even used as ranking signals in the page ranking algorithms.

Sound quality is not simple to fake it or pretend it be that someone. Besides, Google has established a well-defined mechanism in place to assess the authorship behind the content and the whole website.

Your domain authority is not only decided entirely on the content exist in the pages, but also from external validation and affirmation it gets from other external authoritative sites when they refer your work as a reliable source of information.

It's worth the effort to produce content that reflects your true identity and potential. Google is expecting the same from the publisher like you, encouraging the qualified expert in any given field to create the content to ensure relevance and be a reliable source. And when such content page produced with high E-A-T, Google is not miss to reward them with the higher ranking signal in their algorithm.

Establish yourself like domain authority and an author behind your quality writing.

If you are the person with such qualifications, then go ahead and produce them. Otherwise, you had better hire someone to write on your behalf.

Identify keyword intent

We have talked about the importance of technical side optimization and creating smart content to have any meaningful chance of winning in SEO.

Making the user intent part of your content planning and execution strategy is a fast track to success in SEO. The reason is: first, its hard things to do. Planning for user intent means dissecting works to accommodate various targetted user intent aspect into the writing.

Intent matching is going beyond the conventional bounds of producing written content, and the skill set is unique to writing web content.

Here is where a genuine SEO content writing author shines; this is all about having solid foundational knowledge on how search engine mechanics works and translate them into content writing and formatting work.

Matching your target keywords into long-tail keywords, and making it part of the snippet to provide multiple options for the search engine to work with your content.

Here is how Google has described how they are viewing user intent in search engine interaction.

Understanding Google Search Engine Mechanics - renttheant.com
Author Reputation and Authority in SEO - renttheant.com

Google's Pitch

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos, and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Google search engine service has evolved beyond aesthetic and technological advancement in browser serve up a matching list of content blocks, to the current multi-format delivery mechanism of requested pieces of information via the screen, voice.

One such upgrade is featured snippet and suggestion boxes rendered at the top of the search engine result page (SERP).

A snippet is a piece of complete and meaningful information block matching to the user query and intent, preferably not more than 160 characters or less.

However, this ultimate price is available to the publisher with relevant keywords ranking in the top 10. But, it doesn't mean that anyone should stay away from optimizing for this feature.

Identify, in each article, the list of such snippets opportunity and format them to meet this feature standard.

Google is parsing for such snippets throughout the post and promote them in the SERP UI for immediate user visibility.

web search result block with snippet - renttheant.com

Enable AMP

AMP is an acronym for "Accelerate Mobile Pages," and Google supported open-source initiative to optimize the web experience for users. AMP is a web component framework to create a user-first website components, stories, ads, and email.

AMP design principle geared towards creating a user-first format of web content.

Underlying technologies and best practices are ensuring that rendering of web pages not hindered by any sub-optimal technical implementation of websites and other resource usages necessary to provide interactive user experiences.

Optimizing your website with AMP is one of the ways to score some brownie points with Google and help your case in boosting the page ranking.

Most of the content management applications like Wordpress, Ghost has already incorporated this technology to get the best out of SEO for the publisher. If you happen to use one of these CMS, You have to understand how to activate them for your website.

You can learn more about AMP here.

AMP - a web component framework to easily create user-first web experiences
Whether you are a publisher, e-commerce company, storyteller, advertiser or email sender, AMP makes it easy to create great experiences on the web. Use AMP to build websites, stories, ads and emails.

Make existing content works

Part of the continuous content optimization is critical to keep your existing hold on the keywords essential for business. Monitoring and auditing selective list of keywords and post-performance is imperative to manage and maintain the position in the world of search engines.

To do that, identify ways to improve and add value to existing content. Remove the sections that you think are less than optimal or filler. Even better, condense them with fewer words to convey the same message and make room for newer and more valuable content.

In the evolution of the search engine, backlink has found its permanent place and established as one of the mechanisms in the algorithmic ranking.

That's why genuine backlink is still maintaining its status as one of the essential SEO techniques. And everyone should make use of this to score better in the SEO page ranking.

Amid the advanced technology and machine's ability to analyze and classify content, from audience matching to writing tone and delivery intent of the author, backlink still shines. Still, It's the leading method available to establish the outside authority of an author and website as a whole.

So, when your work referenced in other authoritative site content pages. It proves that you have value, and someone is trusting your job as a reliable source for information.

But, the problem is it requires more effort than producing that content itself sometimes. And such dealing has to take place with someone in your field, mostly competitors, convincing them to use your post link as reference in the middle of the page is required compelling case from your end.

That's why backlink practice requires more than your content; as an author, your personality should come first to establish a personal relationship with your peers in the field. And, at the right time, pitching them with the value proposition of using your work as a reference wherever it makes sense.

Test and Measure SEO Performance

How do you know your SEO investment, both in monetary and time, started paying off? How do you know whether or not your effort making a dent in website SEO performance? How much of the SEO rating matrix improved, such as Page Ranking (PR), LinkRating (LR), and DomainRating (DR)?

Depends on where you are in the content quantity and maturity level, you have several free and paid options are available.

With free options from Google and others, you can validate your website technical optimization status and other critical foundational metrics.

Google search console

Google Search Console - renttheant.com 

SimpleSEOtool is pitching itself as providing free tools that are equivalent to the paid one available in the market. Understanding your site's ranking and keywords status is helpful tools to know your current standing.

100% Free SEO Tools - SmallSEOTools.com
You need effective SEO tools which are 100% free? Check out our Search Engine Optimization tools for checking backlinks, tracking keyword positions and more.

The paid option will provide you with several useful tools to manage your content strategy end to end.


SERPStash - SEO Audit & Competitor Research Toolkit
Competitor research and search engine optimision (SEO) toolkit for small business and entrepreneurs.

Competitor analysis

Organic Traffic

Collect the data and understand key competitor strength with their content, keywords ranking, and organic traffics. Do the compare and contrast against your performance, follow the gap, and identify an opportunity for improvements.

Immediately, take that learning and translate as an action item in the content planning and set a reasonable and practical target to achieve. At the same time, plan to review this targeted matrix again to measure the effectiveness of action taken.

Last but not least, communicate that finding and share your appreciation where required. And if needed, highlight the problems and further actions necessary.


After all, your competitors have the same operation as you try to score the organic traffic for conversion. So, keep your eyes open for what your competitors are doing and what working for them.

Collect the information as much as necessary and pick through them to find the quality input to adopt in your content strategy.

A backlink is being the indicator of the competitor's site authority, take a deep dive into the post that working for them. Dissect that articles from different angles and learn from the backlink quantity and quality of the source sites. And come out with your white hat backlink strategy to achieve a similar result for your websites.

Paid search

Competitor's paid advertising can reveal a lot about their content marketing strategy. What are they focusing on right now from product positioning and method employed for conversion?

For business, winning in SEO is not limited to get the audience with potential customers. But it is also helping them make the purchasing decision by themselves. So, by gaining the understanding of click-through navigation with the current campaign, your business can benefit from those insights.

Final thought

It's not that SEO is changing fast. Instead, Google and other search engines are adjusting themselves to service their audience in meaningful and accurate ways. And such goals demanding them to make a constant update to algorithms and introduce new methods to assess and rank the site's domain authority and individual pages relevances.

The only option to keep up with the Joneses is: keep your eye on the ball while planning and creating content for the next super hits. Have both in-house and outward-looking strategy ready and respond to any changes and needs.

Let me finish this article with this cliche, SEO is not a sprint; it's a marathon.

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