How "Rent The Ant" Digital Ad Agency Service Is Different From Others

Technology Reads Oct 22, 2019

Excerpt —

Embrace, end to end, well-thought-out scientific and structured methods to yield measurable business outcomes, right from the account inception, designing custom strategy and executing plans to timely reporting.

You can expect measurable services for effectiveness in every aspect against what promised.

Real Digital Campaign —

Running a digital ad campaign is like writing the story for an original novel.

The only difference is that all of the components involved from settings, character, language, and tone, etc., are revolves around your individual or business.

Keeping the focus on your products and brand, then going to plotting your campaign story, which involves meticulous details of how to start, finish, and everything in-between.

And, to achieve meaningful outcomes from digital campaigns, making sure that theme and tones are consistent across all of your events, which ultimately help move your story forward among the target audience.

The often overestimated part of a digital campaign is finding the right tools and creation of digital products enough or the only thing to consider for a productive promotional event. On the contrary, they are just a plot in which part of the story occurs.

🎨   Common Pitfall  —

  • The ad is simply about products and services to sell.
  • Connecting with eyeball of an audience all that matters
  • Animation and fancy graphics surefire way to success
  • Throwing money at advertising help achieve business goals

🔌   Our Approach —

We will work with you to understand business and challenges, and most importantly, your immediate and long term goals, business objective, etc.

Then, we get to work on research and development to create a suitable roadmap for producing digital products that engage with your customers at an emotional level and meet your overall objective.

📣   Tools and Platform selection:

Depends on individual situations and requirements, we will propose multiple content types and platforms to target. Not all the platform is the same; at the same time, not promotional all events are the same as well. So, selecting the ideal platform has to be driven by campaign intends,  end objective, and of course, importantly available resources.

Selecting and optimizing your approach involves understanding the individual usage pattern of these various platforms, and what type of content usually works on them. Promoting products on Twitter is not the same as doing it on Instagram.

If we are promoting it to find the potential customer base with immediate purchase intent, then choosing Amazon is a perfect choice. Brand and product discovery, Instagram is the most suitable platform to target.

Our workflow has all of these and much more to get the return on your ad dollar.

🤘   During and After Campaign analysis:

Most of these made available comprehensive suites of applications to execute ad campaigns and provide real-time insights to understand and optimize live promotions.

We will get those valuable data's and marry them with analytics collected at your end, to provide quantitative and qualitative metrics for your understanding effectiveness.

👩 ->💻   Personal Support —

All mission-critical campaign deserves an equally aligned mission-driven team to support it end to end.

Part of any campaign execution success is to have your team ready to address predictable response to your call to action embedded in the ongoing events. And fulfilling their expectations at their terms.

Adequately predicting and preparing ahead of time is part of our workflow, which involves priming front-line communication team and arming them with the knowledge base, training to negotiate customer contact to event response effectively.

Let's talk to know more about our services and understand how we may help you with your current digital campaign needs.

Inner Voice

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