How To Source Great Content Ideas For Your Blog — and Keep Your Content Strategy Flywheel Spinning

Advertising Reads Mar 21, 2020


Having a steady supply of valuable content is not only a must for SEO but also essential to keep yourself abreast of industry trends and competitors insight. With the assistance of tools and structured approach, it's easy to cultivate this as a habit for good.


First, let's deal with the instrument and habits required to do this exercise.

Ideas for your next content may strike from unexpected places and times. So, keep your favorite note-taking app on the speed dial page of the phone.

Next, the habit of taking notes, you never know when something liked in the distant past comes to your rescue, especially when that involves writing and storytelling.

We all are prompted by written sentences all day every day, and if you happen to like any specific sentence or the narrative style of the article. Then don't forget to take the notes. It will come in handy when you are sitting down to write about any subject.

Unlike other aspects in life, In writing, hoarding and cluttering is a necessary evil— the more, the merrier. So, don't hesitate to collect and hoard it.

Ok, now is the time to the core part of this article, how to source relevant and winning ideas. My approach is a little different than what you may have seen elsewhere. Instead of boiling the ocean, looking at the appropriate and suitable space will give inspiration that yields result in today and tomorrow.

How To Source Great Content Ideas For Your Blog — and Keep Your Content Strategy Flywheel Spinning -

From your beloved competitors

Is there any better place than looking at someone who has already done it? List your competitors in the level of maturity and learn from them how they have done it. Retrace their steps, at least in the last few years, and put yourself their shoes and try to think why they have done what they have done.

Remember always, for each topic already covered, they have only so much space for a certain depth of issues and scope to cover. Which means you can pick up from where they left off. And still relevant and create value for your audience.

Trend insight

With the smartphone news aggregation, I feel it's easier than ever to update oneself with industry or subject knowledge.

In most of the article, I read, at least, found more than two aspects left out possibly due to narrative misalignment or real estate concerns, and an equal number of an alternate viewpoint comes to my mind. And all of them are a potential mine of ideas for content.

The good practice is to scribble them up in your note-taking app for later use. If you don't have that one and now is the time to start one.

Here is the post we have covered on the note-taking app.

Keyword hunting

Whether you are doing this as part of market study, marketing, or content planning, you will learn a great deal of insight into what people are thinking about and, most importantly, how they are probing on the internet.

Take that knowledge and help them find those content with value, and you will surely get rewarded for that.


May not be your first go-to choice, but Reddit has built a tribe of community, and users are creating a ton of content.

Maybe curate relevant content bits from multiple subreddit, and it's a good idea to mix up in your blog instead of authoring long-form content on your research and writing.

Any Digital or Print Ads

I have usually get high-level ideas from the marketing message because that has the inbuilt problem statement and somebody things need to solve.

Then what better topics than addressing that in your content schedule.

Social media

The fact that social media platforms designed for short message communication, people willingly share information about new problems and the areas need a long-form version of those short messages.

If you happen to have such a prompt, without fail, take a note or bookmark them.

From your life

Among the unexpected places where I had found ideas and inspiration for the content is my personal life experiences, one among them.

Where I am struggling to get a good source and a curated list of materials and learn from the places I don't mind to bookmark it because of frequent needs.

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