NFL Playoff Conference Final Prediction 2020 - through an untrained eye

NFL Jan 18, 2020

NFL Conf Final Prediction: From an untrained eye of this sports fan —  

SF 49ers — figured that 8-0 run was a fluke, and expected reality soon sets in, and peak years only come in later years.  Proved us wrong, with QB spent last year sat out due to injury, and convinced that only another team on the field able to appreciate 49ers' greatness.  

Kansas City Chiefs — deserving winners in the previous year and unlucky at the hand of @TomBrady and @Patriots   This year, though, other franchises are fielding competitive team and coaches to challenges them.

Patrick Mahomes and his defense was not tested in last week divisional matchup against @HoustonTexans   The next team visiting them has star running back, and chiefs prospect chiefly depends on Mahomes magic, and his ability to turn that game around with his passing skills.

GreenBay Packers — again another team with winning combination of talented players and coaches with a creative mindset in scheming the play calls.  With @AaronRodgers12 greatness on full display, avoiding the repeat of last time when the team met @49ers, and playing to their strength —they may have a reasonable chance to advance to championship game next month.  

Titans — one of the underdogs left in the tournament, and most importantly,  have the freedom to lose. Such mindset and attitude helped them during regular season and playoffs.  They have enough talent and motivation to Challenge Mahome and companies sufficiently, and to eke out a win in the conference.

Previous playoff win experience against @Patriots and @Ravens should help them with the world confidence.  

Our money squarely in @49ers and @Titans, and in that order.

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