NoCode Web App Design and Development Services — data-driven solutions

Digital Services Mar 10, 2020

NoCode Web App Design and Development Services — data-driven solutions using Webflow, Memberstack, Bubble, Zapier, and other leading advanced technology tools.


We help you experiment with your business ideas faster. Help develop and ship your digital products with NoCode.

Embrace the future of visual development technology today. Rent The Ant at the forefront of this technology consulting and digital app development.


We help you experiment with your business ideas. Develop and Ship your digital products with NoCode.

Learn more about your business proposition quickly and adapt. And achieve results through frequent iteration and faster product-market fit. Include user feedback part of your development process to build what users want.

All of these possible today, thanks to easy to use technology tools available in the market.

Advantage of NoCode

  • Cutting edge technologies are powering NoCode tools.
  • Build your product to your specification.
  • No feature compromise is necessary, just because of coding not involved.
  • Break the knowledge barrier of the in-house team.
  • Fully realize ideas and vision into performing digital products with a fraction of time and money.
  • With the knowledge barrier removed, future development and update are more approachable than ever.
  • Save your capital for better use.

Rent The Ant Edge

We have learned the possibility of NoCode can offer. And we fully embraced the future of visual development.

You can take full advantage of our expertise and experience for an even more, better return on investment.

Build the right thing  — help finetune your business idea and concept. Help your find the right way to build and progressively experiment and user test in the real world.

Faster time to market — with our existing template, Launch your product faster and iterate as many times as your business and user demands.

Unmatched resource — tab into our library of templates worked out for niche use cases and ship faster.

NoCode Web App Design and Development Services — data-driven solutions using advanced tech tools from

We work with these and other modern tools

Here is the non-exhaustive list of tools that we work with. Individual business cases are different and will consider the host of other tools to weave into our development mix based on necessity.

  • Front UI — Webflow,
  • Feedback — Typeform, Formspree
  • Data storage — Airtable, Coda
  • API Integration — Zapier
  • Mobile apps — Glide apps
  • Complex and Data-driven apps — Bubble

What you expect from Rent The Ant

Our experience and intimate knowledge of NoCode technology help you adopt the right approach and combination of NoCode tools to consider for your product and business ideas.

We have put in place the very streamlined intake process to achieve full benefits of what the "NoCode Approach" has to offer.

In taking process

We will take it all in your ideas and vision of digital products. And translate them into well-defined web app wireframe. And this mockup UI will give you the static visual and feel of finished products UI experience and process flow.


Our deliverables will start the moment you have decided to explore a partnership with us. We seek effective and long term relationships with our customers. This ideal reflects in every aspect of how we handle your business and works.

In most cases, we recommend our clients to approach a lean and progressive web app development approach. The step-by-step approach means your end-state vision of the product, strip to the bone to test user adoption and traction in the real-world.

Once such prototype scope and overall timeline agreed, Finalized prototype app UI and features break down into components. And each part assigned with milestones and what to expect in the development progress.

This incremental approach not only helps test your hypothesis with real customers faster but also develop further with user feedback and less amount of resource.

Prototype Development

Every aspect of your web app development separated and resource assigned to lead the development effort. And you will be assigned a single point of contact to work with throughout the process.

Within a week, you must expect the part of the functioning prototype to come to your way for testing. This modular and iterative approach allows us to adjust to the design and feature necessary.

Test and Go-To-Market

You will provide access to the development environment. Each testing notification comes to you with the proper description of what has achieved and what needs to be done to validate app progress. During this time, as part of milestone approval, you will be asked to confirm developments are coming along with your expectations and agree with the specification.

On successful completion of full prototype test and approval, completed and ready to deploy app will be prepared for public or private use.

Our effort does not just stop there, and we understand that digital app development is one part of taking the product to the market. For Go To Market strategy, we will work with your team to plan for all aspects of effective launching.

Refine and Iterate

With an active feedback mechanism in place, data points collected to understand user patter of usage and provide you with analysis to develop the app further.

We will work with you throughout this journey. And help you negotiate web app evolution into attaining product-market fit.


There are two types of scaling required for any successful web app, User adoption and Product feature scaling.

For an increase in user adoption, the NoCode approach shines better than alternative since we are not managing the deployment and network resource and traffic management, any level of scaling done with the click of a button.

For product evolution and feature upgrade, knowledge barrier in the rearview mirror, you can make better use of your in-house resource and empower them to contribute more ways than usual responsibility.

Still not convinced

NoCode technology adoption is on the rise across the world. Innovative companies are coming out with smart technologies to develop complicated digital products with ease.

This NoCode technology is not just limited to stitching your landing page or business website. Increasingly, data-driven apps are being developed and thriving in the market place. Some of them have secured multi-million dollars of capital investment.

So, this is the time to give NoCode serious consideration for your digital app development needs.

Inner Voice

I am "Rent The Ant" Inner Voice. The collective voice of our team both in-house and partners.