US Immigration Visa Assessment, Application Preparation Services - B1/B2, H4 EAD, I-130 Visas

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As its US legal immigration is not hard enough; constant rules changes are making it even more difficult.

To simplify this challenge and provide clarity, Rent The Ant offering end to end visa processing services.


Negotiating the world of US legal immigration is not hard enough as its. The constant change of rules and policies, making it even more challenging to get the services from USCIS.

That's why we are providing expert consultants review and assessment of your individual visa needs. And guide you, whether or not your particular demands required lawyering up with services from Immigration attorney.


you are having an answer to any of the following questions as


Are you unable to decide on how to approach your USA Visa needs?

Are you not able to make sense of the information available on the USCIS website?

Are you in need of help to fill your application and review your documentation readiness?

Are you having questions about your application pending with USCIS or NVC?

Are you struggling to decide whether to seek attorney help or do it yourself?


You are in the right place here. We can solve that nagging problem and answer your immigration-related questions.

We have helped the number of our clients with a variety of visa requirements. And our work starts with understanding the personal background and guide them to an ideal visa to seek from USCIS.

Our support cover end to end visa processing and beyond, from initial assessment and reviewing document readiness to prepare the application, scheduling an interview, preparing for visa interview, and help our client plan for the travel arrangements to the USA.

US Immigration Visa Application Assessment, Consultation, and Application Preparation Service -
What to expect from Rent The Ant

Reviewing visa eligibility

US legal immigration happens to be one of the, notoriously, cumbersome visa process involved country among the developed nations. The United States has made an available number of different short and long term stay visas for people seeking to enter the country legally.

So, the first order of our business is to understand where to client stands on the eligibility. And assessing qualification and identify the level of a match against interested visas. And guide them to the visa with the highest probability of approval rate.

Assessing personal backgrounds

Most of the USA legal visas created to attract people to immigrate, with designated quality and experience, and contribute by creating value inside their local economy.

Hence, when someone seeking to enter, other than tourism and business-related temporary travel, individual personal qualifications have to be assessed and matched with criteria established by law for each visa category.

Step by step guidance

Going through the legal immigration process with the USA is one of the challenging and time-consuming verification processes.

We will guide our client from appropriately filing all the relevant and visa specific application forms. And help them arrange the supporting documents necessary.

And guide them with the process of applying with USCIS.

Still not convinced

If you are in two minds about whether to hire expensive immigration lawyers help or do it alone, then we can help you make that decision easy for you.

Our service is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. We can guarantee you that. Since our services developed over the years of experience in helping our clients, we have templated this approach to do this cost-effectively.

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