What Are The Commonality Between Website SEO AND Medicine?

Technology Reads Mar 01, 2020

What Are The Commonality Between A Website Getting Fixed For SEO And A Physician Work On Humans?


In technology, SEO is a microcosm of the part of the modern health care system. Both set up is complicated and control rest with some distance third party.


You can draw parallels with complicated systems of human anatomy and how they managed with any inanimate systems that exist in today's world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) treatment to a website is no exception. If you look at the overall context and nature of works and the elements of uncertainty, you can see the similarities in the medicine.

Field of medicine context

In medicine, usual cases involve someone check-in to do the routine checkup or seeking consultation to fix any specific issues, and now you can mirror that in the world of SEO.

It's not only the context similarity is sticking but also what comes after that.

In both cases, an expert, the practitioner of Medicine or SEO, has to deal with a set of known elements and range of unknowns throughout.

And in both of them, the effort involves careful analysis of symptoms and signals and doing a lot of trial and error methods of achieving desired outcomes.

Beyond obvious parallels

More than that outward resemblance, what intrigues me the most is a symbiotic relationship that exists among elements.

In medicine, the underlying connections among a doctor and patient, problem and medicine, look like this — A doctor prescribes medication, which they know less about, to provide relief to the patient, who they know about very little.

Now, if you turn to SEO and try to mirror this exact connection, you can do so with four specific identifiable components of their own — an SEO expert, website, business challenges, and technical and content optimization.

Let's dig a little bit deeper into the SEO individual components. And see the parallel emerges with the real-world field of medicine.

What Are The Commonality Between Website SEO AND Medicine - renttheant.com

Who are these SEO players? And How are this medicine analogy stack up against SEO?

The doctor

This SEO expert can be anyone with knowledge about the inner working of Search engine anatomy and internal mechanics.

Like in medicine, an expert has to have the experience and practical knowledge on how the world extensive web works and the role of search engines to facilitate information flow and dissemination to the broader audience.

If a business decides to keep this operation in-house, then ideally looking at someone within the content and digital marketing team to assume this role. In the absence of time or full-time resources, a business can consider outsourcing this service to a company like Rent The Ant.

The Patient

Instead, the object of the exercise here is a website, which has either some congenital disabilities or plagued with issues that need fixing. One thing I like about this analogy is that I don't have to characterize my client as a patient here.

The Problem

Like in the field of medicine, In the SEO world, the patient will come with varying levels of an existing condition.

So, the responsibility falls squarely on SEO expert shoulder to make the proper diagnosis. Assessment of the current state and identify the symptoms and root causes that are causing trouble.

And prescribe well tried and tested remedies to fix the gap.

The Medicine

In SEO, always measuring and understanding the efficacy of medicine is the hardest part.

Mainly because, for the most part, the control is not in the hand of experts administering the remedy. An external third party, like Google or Bing, has sway over the actual outcome.

Third Party Gatekeeper and Quality Control - Google and SEO_ renttheant.com

Google defines the formula behind the medicine and evaluates and estimates how the individual website optimization measures up to the expectations.

Other general equivalences among medicine and SEO are the feedback mechanism, which is not immediate and takes its cycle of time to understand the effect and impact. And the dynamics involved — in the case of SEO, constant evolution of user's expectations and interest and resulting demands manifest in the form of rule changes, etc.

However, having said all the limitations, all is not last in the block box of search engine indexing and ranking algorithm. And sticking to the basics and best practices outlined by a search engine is a sensible way to score success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Final thought

For me, the idea for this post came to me while watching the movie" Escape." One of the dialogue sentences piqued my interest and triggered me to do comparing the field of medicine with technology.

It's one of the examples and proof that your content inspiration and prompt can come from any unexpected quarter and any moments of your life.

You just have to allow yourselves to see.

Here is our post on some of the techniques you can adopt for content planning.

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