Why Independent Businesses and Startups Need Dedicated SEO?

Technology Reads Mar 09, 2020

Why Independent Businesses and Startups Need Dedicated SEO?


In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the content is always at the forefront. And it is optimized along with the underlying technology to elevate web page ranking and overall site performance.

Rent The Ant is providing full-service search engine improvement to any business needs help to drive organic traffics.


Why Search Engine Optimization matters to digital success?

First, let's outline what we are going to deal with here. A business has the best products and services to offer, and they want to have an audience in front of potential customers. Preferably, through organic traffic to their digital assets such as the website.

And one of the places people gather on the internet is Google search engine; they are the market-dominant service provider of the "World's Information Search" as a service.

Being at the top, You must expect Google to take their job seriously and, all the time, serve up with a list of information that best matched what the intent behind users' search query.

To do just that, Google has to crawl in advance all the website's information available on the internet. And classify sites in various aspects from the field it belongs to and quality of data available to the author behind the website and external reputation, etc.

Making Your Website SEO Ready and Page Ranking Upgrade Services - renttheant.com

Classification is where their" Page Ranking Algorithm" comes in. Instead of merely examining the content quality and relevance while assigning page ranks, the algorithm looks at them in border context to accurately establish a website's overall expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Google's success has not limited to cracked the code of indexing and ranking mechanism in the backend. Their service is equally impressive at the front end of the search service as well. Similarly, powerful algorithms deployed to evaluate the intent behind the user's search query carefully. And list the matching information in the search engine result page (SERP).

Now, in this context, the field is open for anyone to enter the race and provide content with Google.

If you are the one having the best quality and valuable content for any given topic or subject, then your information will be indexed and ranked to serve up in SERP as per the merits.

So, go ahead and start writing the content for what your target audience may searching. Make it readable, easily consumable, and, most importantly, approachable with right content formatting for the web.

That's all there is, and the content is the only thing that matters here. With that, you have covered almost all the bases. And well on your way to gaining a victory in this SEO battle.

Why Independent Businesses and Startups Need Dedicated SEO - renttheant.com

Then, What is Search Engine Optimization? Why functioning SEO strategy required for business?

In Rent The Ant, we follow "The Content First" strategy here, and everything else assumes secondary importance. Because without the right content, none of these additional efforts will bear any fruit.

So, in our thinking and approach, Search Engine Optimization is the pure content play from start to end and everything in-between.

However, when you look at the overall website classifications and mechanics of it under the hood. That is, how things will work out automatically between websites and search engines for indexing and ranking; everything happens at the technical level. And the machines will talk to each other.

In this context, another aspect of SEO comes into focus. It's about understanding how search engine crawlers work when it validates what a private website is.

And with that knowledge, tune the web site technical structure and content to facilitate the proper indexing and increase the chance of higher pages ranking based on the merits of content quality.

In the end, the aim is to secure the prominent spot in the search engine result page (SERP). This coveted spot granted when the indexed website's information perceived as top-notch from technical optimization and content quantity and relevance standpoint.

What is the job of SEO Expert? And What do they do?

An SEO expert has to balance the needs of providing informative and valuable content and, at the same time, satisfying expectations of all the search engine standards. In this scenario, any SEO service provider has to deal with a few fixed elements while optimizing websites, and it's contents.

These critical elements are influencing the performance of the given site in the game of search engine ranking and search result page positioning (SERP), etc.

What are those SEO elements? And how do you manage them?

To simply put, wherever there is content on your website, which needs an upgrade to match the standard and benchmark quality expected from search engines.

The technical side optimization of a website has to address the list of markup standards, content structures, site availability, and meeting page load performance expectations.

Then, all the rest are pure content play, from the content type, format, relevancy, and to establish subject matter authority (quality and depth of content), winning reputation among peers via the backlinks, etc.

Additionally, it's important to remember that SEO is not a one-time effort or investment.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a full-time effort for businesses?

Search engine optimization is the long haul and continuous process, and the main reasons are the absence of an immediate feedback mechanism and the constant battle from competitors.

Such demands make SEO as a full-time endeavor for a company that depends on organic traffic and paid search advertising to fulfill its business objective.

It takes time, for any SEO impact and effectiveness to show up in the business. Sometimes, any effort invested can take days and weeks to become measurable in business operations.

Simply because of the third party like Google and Bing dependency for reassessment and reclassification required to assign the updated ranking score for an optimized website. In this dynamic setup, rules are getting changed frequently as well, to improve the content discovery and relevance indexing by search engines.

All this means the website author needs to be on the watch out for changing trends, periodically checking the existing page's ranking, and has to take corrective actions as required to retain the status and improve upon them.

Why can't I do SEO myself?

If this is the pure content play, why don't I try doing this using in-house resources or by myself?

If you have time and willingness to take all the effort required to upgrade websites in search engine ranking and stand out among your competitors, then the answer is resounding" Yes."

But in the beginning, though, it's almost like a full-time job. From formulating content strategy, thinking and hunting ideas for content, and execute them with standard and quality needed to stand out will demand one full staff-hour of a qualified employee with the right amount of technical knowledge and knack for SEO Content writings.

And it will not stop there, once the foundation is laid and achieved the status of considerable domine authority for content in the search engines.

But, if you are hard-pressed for time and unable to full-time employee resources, then we are here to help you. We have an in-house team as well as freelancers with an impeccable track record on content writing working with us.

We will come in and become part of your extended team for the duration. And get your website makeover necessary to put you on the path to achieve business results.

What to expect from" Rent The Ant."

Site Analysis

We do this analysis in two-part, first analyzing and auditing the client website against the benchmark parameters for both technical and content in nature.

The second part is competitor analysis, understanding where our client stand against our competitors not only helps us understand the situation but also gives direction to take corrective measures, to enable the client to compete with competitors in equal footing.

In the world of SEO, all things come down to Contents, Contents, Contents, and some more quality Contents.

Having the right content identified and created in the proper form is the only way to win the SEO battle. Start with in-house looking optimization to outward focusing competitors analysis will be executed to produce business results and solving business challenges.

Our ten-point checks include

  1. Search Indexing status
  2. Page coverage and Issues
  3. Sitemap readiness
  4. Page Speed
  5. Mobile Usability and Rendering speed
  6. Headers Metadata quality
  7. Backlinks and Referer quality
  8. Current Performance
  9. Keyword indexed and ranking
  10. Crawlability status

Client Site Analysis

The first order of business is to get the client's digital assets- website, blog, and anything to be indexed - ready to perform better in the world of the internet. And this work starts with doing a thorough audit of the website, from understanding the current index and keyword ranking status and sitemaps readiness, to page loading speed, mobile rendering performance, and issues to fix, etc.

Competitor Analysis

In-depth analysis of competitor search engine authority and maturity level of content management, we collect information from top-ranking content pages and list of high ranked keywords to backlinks quantity and quality status and sources authority, etc.

Organic search

Analyze how competitors are performing in organic and paid search (PPC). Learn from their success and adopt the strategies that might work for our clients.

From understanding competitor's strength in organic traffic and keywords rank for their domains and digital assets on the web. And also, how do backlinks boost them from external sources to their website contents.


What is a backlink?

Backlinks are inbound traffic coming from other reputed websites when the sites referenced post with valuable information in their respective post content.

Google is considering such external reference as a sign of trust and source of reliable information, hence such contents pages rewarded with the highest page ranking.

The fact that backlinks used in the Google page ranking algorithm as a ranking signal. So, gaining insight into competitor's strengths helps us enormously with SEO and content strategy.

Understanding backlinks strength of competitor provide a window into the source of organic traffic and authority status of contents and overall site, and help us answer a lot of critical questions. Such as What technique's working for them? What are they doing differently to earn backlinks?

And, with that information, along with our client SEO and content maturity level, we help formulate the realistic strategy to achieve the business results and get your site's in front of the target audience.

Paid Search Analysis

It's not only essential to figure out what works for your business with the paid advertisement (PPC). And equally important to keep a tab on the competitors. And understand what they are doing to capture the audience with paid advertisement.

We will be able to provide competitor analysis, with information like top paid search ads keywords and click-through traffic to the landing page information, to figure out the competitor's current marketing strategy.

Still not convinced

In our years of experience, we have to get into the weeds of SEO content writing and make them click in the world of search engine target keyword indexing.

We have access to sophisticated tools to help you understand where your company stands today. And also, learn more about your competitors and how they are approaching the target audience from Paid Search Advertising to organic traffic using SEO strategy.

It's a full-service of your website search engine optimization, competitor analysis, content strategy, and execution from Rent The Ant and all the while focusing on Return on investment.

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