Why Marketers Should Look Inward For Digital Advertising Services Now

Advertising Reads Mar 22, 2020

The proliferation of marketing technology and tools have made activities involving digital marketing as standard business functions. And it's no longer considered as specialized skill sets or agency dependency to perform at least most of those activities.

The availability of the skilled resources and easy accessibility of those tools behind creative works means it's easy and cost-effective to move those efforts back in-house than outsourcing.

Here, we are outlining some of the elaborated justification. And what it will mean for any company to adopt such an approach.

Why Marketers Should Look Inward For Digital Advertising Services Now - renttheant.com


Who knows your business and customers better than personal working inside the organization. Because marketing is all about what your company is today and where it wants to be next, using your customer base as a vehicle to get you there.

You don't need some outsiders to tell you, to an extent, what to do to create experiences that your customer wants and expect. In most of the cases, when working with our customers, we realized that they already figured it out, and only that gap in such understanding stopping them turn inward.

During due diligence, we conclude that they need everything in place to transform their digital initiative into meaningful and engaging customer experiences. With the know-how, understanding of the areas needs improvement, success, and more importantly, relationships built over time.

In most cases, our jobs end up being guiding them to look at the places with purpose, help them transition most of their digital services in-house, and look outward for only specialized ones.

With an in-house team performing much of the digital works, it's easy to gain control over resource allocation, and measure return on marketing spend accurately.


With in-house talent and control around the process, it will provide flexibility and freedom to experiment. No more lock-in with vendor timeline and bound by the project scope agreed in the contract.

The availability of skilled resources and technology tools is only going to make it easier to manage low-level design works insourced. And, it also presents the valuable opportunity to gain insights and experience from leading such efforts to manage challenges in the design workflow, from planning, production to distribution.

Having this mix of balanced sourcing approach will benefit the companies handle works efficiently and get the pricing efficiency when working with outside specialized agencies.

Time to value

With the increase in speed-to-market and freedom to experiment will naturally bring in the business outcome realization faster than depending on external services and dealing with less external factors limiting your digital initiatives.

Capital efficiency

Apart from the benefits of speed-to-market, transparency, and integrity in the digital operations, the main perks are coming out of the pricing efficiency and flexibility to take on more projects with the same marketing budgets.

Perfect team

Unlike buying the solution from external agencies, creating the team involves understanding business needs and plans to assemble the best resources and services to achieve those goals.

In the new remote working culture, with little flexibility and technology adoption, Marketing leadership can easily assemble a distributed workforce reasonably quickly.

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